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A Reply to Christian Apologist on The Metaphysical

This is a rebuttal to Christian Apologist's post on the metaphysical (@lead1225). Her original post is here:   The defense posited by Christian Apologist, while sincere...

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A Reply to Christian Apologist on Bertrand Russell

This is a reply to Christian Apologist's rebuttal to “Why I Am Not A Christian” By Bertrand Russell(@lead1225). Her original post is here:   "In all...

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Marjo is a wildly successful evangelical preacher. Born again in a bathtub at the age of 5, he is a prodigy, casting out demons and...

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An Atheist’s and A Christian’s Perspectives on Cyber Bullying

(Find the original on the Christian Apologist's website here) May 26, 2017 We should lift people up, not knock them down. We’re better than that. Accordingly, the...

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Brad Feinman Evolution

When I first started learning piano, I had to learn to hit one key while simultaneously releasing another. Well, for the life of me I...

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A Second Reply to Christian Apologist on The Metaphysical

Christian Apologist wrote a post on the metaphysical (you can find it here). We replied (here). She then replied (here), and this is our...

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Marianne Ono on “Mind The Gaps”

Marianne Ono  with GonnaGoForIT (@MTGGFI) on her unusual brand of theism, love and Christianity.

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On Christian Apologist

I've had some complaints that I have been speaking about Christian Apologist (Steph, @Lead1225) behind her back on Twitter, or that I've somehow unfairly...

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Raw Notes: Nicholas Lamar Soutter v. SJ: Do we still need religion.

These are Nicholas Lamar Soutter's notes from the SJ Debate. They are presented in raw form, and were not intended for publication as is....

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Reply to Adam Friend: Do We Still Need RELIGION? Atheist Vs Christian

Hello Adam; Thank you for taking the time read this reply. I do so with the modest hope that this reply will be considered carefully. In...

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Hello Crispy, thank you for taking the time... Now, I've a single question, but a number of assertions to get to it. First, lets assume I...

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Mockery as Education

There is a terribly unfortunate trend in social media to mock and humiliate other people. This is possible for the same reason it's so easy...

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The NonSequitur Schism

There has been a profound schism in the online atheist community. While I have not been directly involved in any way, it has involved...

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NonSequitur Nightmare

I find it strange that, as a blogger on atheism, philosophy, and the social sciences, I should spend so much time discussing a single...

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Notes on the Debate: Do we Still Need Religion, Nicholas Lamar Soutter v. SJ Thomason

On May 5th, modern-day debates hosted a debate between myself and SJ Thomason. During that debate, SJ presented an article she wrote, as well...

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The Fire and the Fury

I’ve watched Katie’s video on what is happening quite carefully. Videos like this concern me, because they are sometimes full of drama, and serve to...

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