An Open Letter to Donald Trump (Full), by Nicholas Lamar Soutter

An Open Letter to Donald Trump (Full), by Nicholas Lamar Soutter

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(EXPLICIT) First published on January 1, 2016 by author and speaker Nicholas Lamar Soutter, this experimental piece was a part Denis Leary, part Lewis Black. It was Mr. Soutter’s attempt at a rapid, profane yet erudite piece which accurately explained the rise of Donald Trump. Meant as an experimental piece, rough around the edges, and coming in at a whopping 18 minutes, it none the less took off, garnering over five thousand shares in just a few days. This is the original piece, in its entirety.



  1. If Donald Trump wants to rule something, he can take his perspective place in hell, with all his supporters following him, until the reach the point whereas when the ship sinks the rats run, and find no place of safety amongst their own futile destruction.

    April 10, 2016
  2. Trump is very weak! The man doesn’t have any real convictions about anything. He’s been on both sides of the tracks. He’s gone from being a loose cannon to a full blown psychopath!

    April 9, 2016
  3. Steve Horton said:

    Fuck donald trump and all his wives, at least the arab shieks arent fake about it , they have all of their wives at once, donald dumps them when they hit

    April 9, 2016
  4. Robb Carter said:

    It’s always fascinating to listen to political imbeciles give commentary on someone they don’t know. They are too dense to recognize their shallow opinions are shaped by sound bites, corrupt media and political opponents.

    N Lamar Soutter – dummy.

    April 9, 2016
  5. Trumps like a stripper who’s pole dancing, all show, full of twists and turns, swings both ways on the same subject, and takes your money with little in return. His name should be Chump
    ~ As far as Trumps reality is concerned, he reminds me of Pinky and the Brain,
    You think he really wants to make America great again, ha ha.

    ~ He wants to be president so he can have enough control to satisfy his ego, and take money from big corporations, while making our lives more difficult

    ~ Here’s the real problems with Trump. He’s the perfect reflection of today’s poor business morals and ethics. Personal responsibility is very important. People are living in poverty due to the unethical and greedy business practices of today’s robber Baron’s who are the real cause for poverty.

    ~ The man is handing people lies and ear candy to earn their loyalty. for your own awareness, do some research on what he has actually done and accomplished in the past. you may be surprised how much crap his ideology is full of. Maybe if he lead by example, his words would have more meaning, but as it is he says one thing and hypocritically does another himself. sunglasses emoticon

    ~ Let me just remind you of our governments original purpose. Justice, domestic tranquility, general welfare, and blessings of liberty for ourselves and posterity, being most relevant. I think our multiple political sides and classifications have separated us from our common causes, which is ultimately mutual benefits for all, equal rights, and human evolution.

    ~ Being open to new ideas, doesn’t mean we have to discard traditional values. The two or three party situation has separated our ideology and common interests, distorted our traditional values, and left common morality and ethics behind to make extreme capitalism acceptable in today’s society.

    ~ You don’t need to be a business major or college degree, to see that Trumps a fraudulent and hypocritical narcissist, who lacks the class and diplomacy to take our country in the opposite direction of corruption.

    ~ The man has NO knowledge of what the national debt actually is, and he thinks he can solve it in 8 yrs.
    The national debt is the accumulation of public debt, and government deficit, which is only about 500billion. In order for Trump to reduce the national debt, he’d have to cap profiteering and excessive profit mark-ups, reduce the interest rates of personal and business loans and credit cards, reduce the interest rates of education loans, and eliminate frivolous charges from businesses and banks altogether.

    ~ Even then it would not eliminate the national debt, only reduce it and it’s rate of climb. Trump being a businessman, he’s NOT going to do that. It’s more probable that he’ll take bribes and promote business through his intended position.

    Trump has no foreign policy knowledge, and thinks he can force people to do what he wants by threatening them.
    ~ For example, He wants to use blackmail and extortion to make Mexico pay for a useless wall. That regardless of it’s false sense of security won’t work.

    The Mexican cartel is already using tunnels, what’s a wall really going to do?
    ~ If there’s one thing history has taught us, it’s that people will find a way around obstacles.

    ~ The issue must be controlled by enforcing our laws within the country. Stop Hiring them, stop giving them amnesty, stop giving them drivers licenses, and stop giving them aid when they’re illegal. They need to be deported when discovered by the police. Without holding them and assessing their situation, simply expedited deportation.

    ~ Trumps Immigration plan is a farse, and nothing new. All Trump has done, is restated our current laws, and says or promises that he will enforce them. Big deal, nothing that hasn’t been said or attempted in the past. If we enforced our current laws the way they were meant to be, we wouldn’t have this illegal immigrant issue.
    ** The problem presents itself due to the negligence of people and corporations who have learned how to work around the current system, much like Trump himself does. So where’s the real benefit??
    It’s another one of his straw man fallacies and red herring promises.

    A few days ago he tweeted that he alone is the only one who can fix the problem with terrorism, and he will solve it fast.
    ~ Since terrorism is a long time global issue with as he says, “Many in the US”.
    Someone should really ask him just how he plans on stopping it?

    ~ Because without initiating martial law, and the violation our 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 15th amendments.
    It cannot be done fast. He wants to use Nukes to defeat ISIS, this will kill millions of innocent people, while screwing up our planets environment for hundreds of years

    ~ Sometimes I wonder if he’s even read our constitutions bill of rights, the civil rights act, or the human rights declaration? I think not, because he sure doesn’t act like it. sunglasses emoticon

    ~ Trump says he loves women and children and wants to fight for their rights. But in reality calls them disgusting for wanting to pump milk in semi public places, and suggested that we punish women or Drs if they get an abortion. Then flounders to the other side to save his hide.

    ~ He’s a very bad man, and someone we really don’t want to have his finger on the button. He’s to emotionally unbalanced and unstable, one might even say he has an obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, complicated by an impulse control disorder, anxiety, and hysteria issues..
    Classic signs of full blown neurosis.

    ~ Trump waves around important issues like a flag in the wind. He uses emotional out bursts that spawn public hysteria, then back paddles to retract or change his statements to fit public opinion. The man uses Twitter as an outlet to vent his obsessive control ideas, impulsive opinions, and for retaliation to attack people who don’t agree with him.

    Trump claims he wants to stop outsourcing, to the point that he condemns other companies like Ford and Apple for doing it. Yet his products are made in Mexico and China, and he imports 1000’s of immigrants to work in his companies, because they’ll work cheaper than Americans. He’s a hypocritical bigot who projects his own issues onto others, while trying to justify his own actions with rhetoric.

    ~ Trump shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president, based on his criminal ties and actions alone. Peoples personas don’t change without great effort, just ask any addict.

    Trump donates to criminals guilty of Fraud, blackmail, and money laundering

    Mob Connections

    Trump money laundering

    Trump involved with KKK

    Trump wants to stop buying oil from Saudi, but has no alternative energy plans. This will only drive up our oil and gas prices, so big corps like BP can prosper more.
    ~ Another score for big corporation’s. He’s not on our side.

    “We hear now on all sides the term “robber barons” applied to some of the great capitalists. The old robber barons of the Middle Ages who plundered sword in hand and lance in rest were more honest than this new aristocracy of swindling millionaires”

    April 9, 2016
  6. Ok donald you are going out with a porn star and thats ok in your book and you called us killers a rapist but i think your woman wants it loser

    April 8, 2016
  7. Polly Allen said:

    Majority rules…..Trump supporters and N …we say YOU, Whoopie, Rosie, & the rest, should leave. Canada now hss Obama Jr fr PM & he says he will welcome you with open borders. Buh bye

    April 8, 2016
  8. drum trump is still a crybaby and Trump goin too far and people don’t really understand and people go too far

    April 7, 2016

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