How to Use the Codex

Welcome to the Humanist Codex.

The codex is designed so that you can access the information you want quickly, without interrupting what you’re doing.

Throughout the codex you will notice underlined text written in a pink/purple color. These are tool-tips, there to help you with more information if you need it. Mouse over the tool-tip to learn more about a particular definition, person, or concept. In many cases you can click on the tool-tip to get even more information.

Further, many of the concepts contain “footnotes”(1)This is an example of a footnote—references to more information. Sometimes they are links to direct sources, but often too they expand on a concept, or add

additional information should you be interested. You can mouse over them to get a brief pop-up, or click on them to go to the reference section (where an up arrow can direct you back to where you started).

Most images will have mouse-over information, which will work exactly like the tool-tip pop-up. This can be important if you want information on common Codex warnings.

Mouse over any image to see what additional information it may contain. Further, mousing over a user avatar will, if you are logged in, allow you do go to their profile, give them a mention, or send them a direct message.

All Codex information is available free, without a paywall. However to engage in our forums, chat, to private message, or respond to comments, you must get an account.

We only accept accounts which are verified by social media. We acknowledge that this is controversial, but it is simply the best way to ensure decorum on the Codex. We do not share your profile information with anyone, and you control what is made public/available to members. We have a strict privacy policy and you maintain complete control over your data. You may, if you choose, make your profile data available to the public, and even expand your profile as you see fit.

Members can also give a thumbs up or thumbs down to comments, and flag comments if they are inappropriate. Flagged comments (or comments with too many down-votes) are reviewed by admins.

The Codex has a member credit system(2)We’ll give you something nice if you get lots of credit. Not sure what it is, but I’m sure it’ll be super-awesome. Members earn credit for participating, voting, and for highly rated comments.


We are always looking for new voices, new contributors, and accept atheist and theistic works, so long as it is balanced, well written/argued, and well supported. Please contact us if you wish to contribute.

We do not advertise. Our revenue comes entirely from donations. We don’t put up a pay wall, and are proud of that fact. If what we do is important to you, we urge you to consider a recurring donation, no matter how small.

We respect the privacy of all members. We do not allow Google to track you here (which is why we don’t use Google ads), and we don’t sell or give away your information to anybody. PERIOD.

This philosophy needs more than your appreciation. We need contributions. We hope you’ll seriously consider supporting us.












Footnotes   [ + ]

1. This is an example of a footnote
2. We’ll give you something nice if you get lots of credit. Not sure what it is, but I’m sure it’ll be super-awesome