The Bible is the Word of God

Let us set aside for a moment the historical evidence that the Bible is a work of man. It’s been translated, re-translated, cobbled together from numerous sources – contains contradictions, and is hardly a pillar of moral rectitude (being that it condones slavery, genocide and incest).

There are, nonetheless, a number of people who feel that it is the inerrant word of God.

The problem with this position is that it is strictly hearsay. You believe it is the word of God only because you have been told it is.

Yes, in the Bible it says it is the word of God. But simply because it is written in the book, does not make it true (unless you start out assuming that the Bible is the word of God, but then you are begging the question).

And many people from other religions have read that line and are not convinced. So why do you believe?

It’s because someone told you that this was the word of God. In fact, likely you would never have read the book but for someone telling you first. It is not as if you were summing through books in the library and stumbled across the Bible, and then read it only to discover it is the work of the one true God. Someone had to tell you.

Well, how did that person know? It can really only be the same way. Someone told them. And someone told that person, and that person, and so on. It’s hearsay upon hearsay upon hearsay, hoping all the time nobody’s embellished anything, not even a little. You’ve played telephone. How did that work out for you?

Indeed, even if the gospels were written by their “authors” (which there’s no reason to believe and some reason to doubt) much of the written stories are all second hand accounts.

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Robert Gaito

Hard to respond to something that makes very little sense….:)

Warren Kincaid

Nothing to say?

Warren Kincaid

The Bible doesn’t prove that God exists. The universal nature of the totality of reality proves that God exists (emphisis on totality). The historic accuracy of the resurection of “Jesus” verifying his claims could be pointed to as proof as well, but that requires accepting normal human burdens of historical proof. The Bible is sufficient in describing God and His nature but is not all inclusive. Modern man tends to look at things in unconnecting parallel lines (science is science, philosophy is philosophy, religion is religion, nature is nature, etc). Reality is more complicated and interconnected than that. Because the Bible accurately describes our relationship to nature, history, humanity and our own inner selves (not to mention our true value within all of that) those proofs point to our relationship with an “existent Him” as well. It’s never a matter of lack of evidence… it’s what we’ll accept as evidence. Always is.