Why Can’t you Leave People to Their Faith?

This is a common question… Why don’t I just leave people of faith to their own devices. What business is it of mine?

That question muddles theism and deism.

I do leave deists to their faith. It’s no business of mine which god you believe in, what he commands of you, or how you worship. Indeed, if it makes you happy, god bless! 🙂

The problem is theism–religions which impose commandments which apply to others (like me). This makes it my business (through no fault of my own, I’d rather have stayed out of it).

Theists have no right to tell me who I can or can not have sex with, in what position, or who I can or can not marry

They’ve no right to try to force their fairy-tails as a competing “theory” to science.

I don’t approve of  American Presidents traipsing through the middle east, getting people killed, because “Grogg and Magog are at work” and they truly believe we’re in the end times, so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think ignoring Global Climate change because it is the will of God or because Jesus said “give no thought for the morrow” is conducive to a sustainable society, and it endangers our species.

I don’t like that every Abrahamic religion relegates women to second class citizens, and I believe such immoral practices must be opposed (I’m not a woman, so maybe it doesn’t affect me, but they’re half the human race, and sitting idly by while they’re denigrated is immoral).

I don’t approve of how, in Africa, where people are starving to death, poverty and disease are rampant, the church actively and successfully fights to rid the country of the single best and proven tool for fixing all of those conditions: the condom.

I think it is immoral for an organization to think itself so important that they will protect child rapists before allowing themselves or their actions to be questioned or even investigated.

I don’t like paying for roads and bridges that the Church uses, but they, who line their books and buildings in gold and stained glass, think they should be exempt from taxes while they influence my laws and try to coerce my children.

I’m not thrilled when people hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings, come to it.


Honestly, I find it staggering that anybody thinks I WOULDN’T oppose these things, all done in the name of theism.

I’m even at times offended by the question. If you believed what I believe, you’d just sit back and take it?

Theistic religions have NOT caused all wars in history. But they’ve caused enough, and have a good enough chance of being the death of our species, that they deserve fierce opposition.


I’m surprised that’s a controversial view.






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