The Flat Earth Challenge

We here at the codex believe very strongly in proving that the earth is flat. It’s a passion for us, and one in which we hope our theistic brothers and sisters will participate.

turtleIt seems hard to believe that the earth is flat. It would require a huge, global conspiracy. And while it must feel uncommonly good to find yourself smarter than most people for seeing through it, we here at the codex think it’s time that Flat Earth is proven!

To that end we propose experiments to prove that the earth is flat. We will offer a bounty of $10,000, to anyone who can provide proof that the earth is flat. We’ll accept any number of proof, and provide below two experiments where you and the Codex will participate in an effort to prove that the earth is flat. We will take up the position that it is not, and invite the challenger to prove it is.

If the challenger fails, they will need to pay all expenses. If the challenger wins, they get their expenses plus the $10,000 bounty.

The experiment, first done by Eratosthenes circa 210 B.C., Which correctly calculated the circumference of the earth.
The experiment, first done by Eratosthenes circa 210 B.C., Which correctly calculated the circumference of the earth.

The opposition will put $2,000 in escrow, the codex will put up $12,000. When the experiment is concluded, the winning side gets their expenses paid out of the escrow. The challenger, if victorious, will get the additional $10,000 bounty. Any remainder is returned to the appropriate side.

I propose one of two experiments. The opposition may choose.


Experiment One: Reproduce Eratosthenes*

(*Note: There are flat earth models which would generate a false positive for roundness on this experiment–such as if the sun were very close to the earth. If yours is such a model, we recommend choosing another experiment).

The first: the opposition will choose two cities. They must both be in North America (Canada included, Mexico not). They must be a minimum of 800 miles apart from each other. They must be directly north/south of each other, no more than a couple of miles east west of each-other.

The opposition will pick three consecutive days. The opposition and I will meet in the northern city of those days, and we will each have a representative meet in the southern city for those days. On the first day in which there is enough sun in both cities to get a shadow, we will each take out a yardstick and measure the angle of the shadow it produces.

If the angle of the shadow in both cities is identical, this will be considered proof of a flat earth, and opposition will immediately be declared the winner.

If the angles are not similar, the differences will be measured and these measurements will immediately be calculated to resolve for the curvature of the earth. If the calculation is within 10% of what scientists claim is the actual curvature of the earth, the “round earth” side will be declared the winner.


Experiment Two: Laser Lake:

The opposition will pick a Lake. That lake will have size requirements and line of sight requirements to be determined. Once the lake is frozen over, the opposition will pick a day, and I will meet the opposition at the lake. This experiment can be done with the laser, or the opposition will pick suitable equipment (such as a theodolite or other tool for accurately measuring elevation.). The device used will be agreed upon by both sides before starting.

We will send a laser beam level across the ice. We will take to measurements – one at the source, the other at the destination.

If the laser beam is at the same height in both locations, the Earth will be determined to be flat, and the opposition will immediately be determined to be the victor. If the laser beam is higher at the destination than the source (because the earth is round, and therefore peeling away from the laser), the “round earth” side will immediately be declared to be the winner.

The winning side must declare the position of the opposing side to be correct. The winning side will write and publish a paper on the results, and confirm the accuracy of the opposing side’s position. They will publish this paper in all forums available to them.


Experiment Three: Opposition Choice:

If the laser lake experiment can be demonstrated to possibly yield a false positive for a spherical earth, we will accept any experiment that the opposition chooses so long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Combined cost of $4,000 or less in expenses to execute.
  • Both sides may observe the test equally.
  • The test will conclusively demonstrate if the earth is round or flat.
  • It is a scientific test.
  • It passes our own scientists’ examination that it meets the above requirements.


The Results:

We will provide access to our scientists for any questions the opposition may have, as well as all the escrow details as to exactly how a victor is determined, and how the money is dispersed. The Codex does not have any say in the dispersal of the funds, they are held exclusively by a third party and will be released based only on the results of the test, and is in contestable by either side (neither side can later claim the test was ‘flawed’ somehow, and back out).

The experiment will be video recorded, and the loser will recant their position, in full, and in perpetuity (baring further, compelling and contradictory evidence), on any and all platforms at their disposal.

All monies for the travel escrow will be deposited 60 days prior to the experiment. All other escrows will be confirmed filled no later than 30 days prior to the experiment. Failure to meet any of these deadlines, or failure to follow through with the experiment will result in escrow payments covering expenses inured to date for the other side, as well as a $1,000 penalty.

ALL payments are made too and from the escrow company. No payments are ever made directly from one side to the other side. The Codex does not accept money for escrow, will never ask for money for escrow, and will never dispense money themselves.


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