The Flat Earth Challenge

We here at the codex believe very strongly in proving that the earth is flat. It’s a passion for us, and one in which we hope our theistic brothers and sisters will participate.

It seems hard to believe that the earth is flat. It would require a huge, global conspiracy. And while it must feel uncommonly good to find yourself smarter than most people for seeing through it, we here at the codex think it’s time that Flat Earth is proven!

To that end we propose experiments to prove that the earth is flat. We will offer a bounty of $10,000, to anyone who can provide proof that the earth is flat. We’ll accept any number of proofs, and provide a few suggestions where you and the Codex will participate in an effort to prove that the earth is flat. We will take up the position that it is not, and invite the challenger to prove that it is.

The Codex currently has $2,000 in escrow for the challenge, and will put the remaining $8,000 within 14 days of written agreement on a challenge.

The Codex will pay all reasonable expenses incurred by both sides (including flights, hotels, meals, and scientific equipment required to successfully conduct the experiment).

If the challenger wins, they get full contents of the escrow, which will include the $10,000 bounty.

If the challenger looses, they will reimburse the Codex all of the Codes’s out of pocket costs and expenses for the entire challenge.

The losing side agrees to publish a paper on the experiment, their loss, and recanting their former views.


Experiment One: Sniper Rifle

This is our preferred experiment, We will set up a single long distance sniper rifle shooting at a distance of greater than 1,500 meters, shooting three times in each of the four cardinal directions, with an automated firing action. We will set up two targets, one directly in front of the sniper rifle (accounting for gravity) will be the flat earth target. There second target will be the “ball earth” target, and will be offset to account for the Coriolis effect, the effect of the target actually moving away from the bullet as the earth moves under it.

In the North->South and South->North firings will place the BE target to the right of the FE target (In the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere the BE target will be placed to the left).

In the West->East firing, the BE target will be placed above the FE target, and in the East->West firing it will be placed below it.

All environmental factors (including wind, temperature, and gravity) excluding Coriolis, will be taken into account to ensure a successful strike of the FE target in all cases.

If the Flat Earth model is correct, we would expect a successful strike of the FE target in all cases. If the Ball Earth model is correct, we should see a strike of the BE target in all cases.


Experiment Two: Bedford Level

The challenger will pick a frozen Lake. That lake will be able to accommodate a line of sight experiment of at least 8 miles (preferably 12). Once the lake is frozen over, the challenger will pick a day, and we will meet the challenger at the lake. This experiment will be done with the laser, or the challenger will pick suitable equipment (such as a theodolite or other tool for accurately measuring elevation.). The device used will be agreed upon by both sides before starting.

We will send a laser beam level across the ice at a height of at least 12′ to minimize the effect of refraction (other precautions may be necessary, and will be spelled out in the procedures before we go to contract). We will take three measurements – one at the source, one in the middle, the final at the destination.

If the laser beam is at the same height all three locations, the Earth will be determined to be flat, and the opposition will immediately be determined to be the victor. If the laser beam is higher at the destination than the source (because the earth is round, and therefore peeling away from the laser), the “round earth” side will immediately be declared to be the winner.


Experiment Three: Reproduce Eratosthenes*

The experiment, first done by Eratosthenes circa 210 B.C., Which correctly calculated the circumference of the earth.

The experiment, first done by Eratosthenes circa 210 B.C., Which correctly calculated the circumference of the earth.

(*Note: There are flat earth models which would generate a false positive for roundness on this experiment–such as if the sun were very close to the earth. We believe we’ve found a solution for this, and can modify this experiment to produce accurate results even for a close sun).

The first: the opposition will choose two cities. They must both be in North America (Canada included, Mexico not). They must be a minimum of 800 miles apart from each other. They must be directly north/south of each other, no more than a couple of miles east west of each-other.

The opposition will pick three consecutive days. The opposition and I will meet in the northern city of those days, and we will each have a representative meet in the southern city for those days. On the first day in which there is enough sun in both cities to get a shadow, we will each take out a yardstick and measure the angle of the shadow it produces.

If the angle of the shadow in both cities is identical, this will be considered proof of a flat earth, and opposition will immediately be declared the winner.

If the angles are not similar, the differences will be measured and these measurements will immediately be calculated to resolve for the curvature of the earth. If the calculation is within 10% of what scientists claim is the actual curvature of the earth, the “round earth” side will be declared the winner.


Experiment Four: Challenger’s Choice:

If the laser lake experiment can be demonstrated to possibly yield a false positive for a spherical earth, we will accept any experiment that the opposition chooses so long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Combined cost of $10,000 or less in expenses to execute.
  • Both sides may observe the test equally.
  • The test will conclusively demonstrate if the earth is round or flat.
  • It is a scientific test.
  • It passes our own scientists’ examination that it meets the above requirements.


The Results:

We will provide access to our scientists for any questions the opposition may have, as well as all the escrow details as to exactly how a victor is determined, and how the money is dispersed. The Codex does not have any say in the dispersal of the funds, they are held exclusively by a third party and will be released based only on the results of the test, and is in contestable by either side (neither side can later claim the test was ‘flawed’ somehow, and back out).

The experiment will be video recorded, and the loser will recant their position, in full, and in perpetuity (baring further, compelling and contradictory evidence), on any and all platforms at their disposal.

All monies for the travel escrow will be deposited 60 days prior to the experiment. All other escrows will be confirmed filled no later than 30 days prior to the experiment. Failure to meet any of these deadlines, or failure to follow through with the experiment will result in escrow payments covering expenses inured to date for the other side, as well as a $1,000 penalty.

ALL payments are made too and from the escrow company. No payments are ever made directly from one side to the other side. The Codex does not accept money for escrow, will never ask for money for escrow, and will never dispense money themselves.


Amicus/In Kind Rewards:

  • The NonSequitur Show (on YouTube and Twitter) has, as further incentive, graciously offered to delete their YouTube channel and all of their content should the experiment return a flat earth.
  • Fight The Flat Earth (also on YouTube and Twitter) has also graciously offered to delete their YouTube channel and all of their content on a successful challenge.





  • I have Pictures/Memes/Videos proving a flat earth!

As compelling as those may be, a central tenet of flat earth is that all of the pictures, videos and media of a ball earth are fake. If it’s this easy to fake evidence of a ball earth, we certainly could not accept similar evidence for a flat one.

  • What’s to stop you from claiming a fault in the experiment if you don’t like the results?

Each side is given as much time as it needs to vet the proposed experiment before approving it. Once the experiment is approved, both sides agree that the results are binding, and may not try to change the results, post hoc, siting a fault in the design of the experiment. It is up to each side to not approve the experiment until they are confident it will accurately determine if the earth is flat or not. Once the experiment is accepted, claims of fault, by either side, due to air density, diffraction, a fish-eye lens, or any other fault in the design of the experiment, are not grounds for overturning the results.

  • Who will interpret the results of the experiment?

Any experiment must, in order to be approved, have results which can be easily understood by a layman looking at them. Using a laser level, or taking pictures from a weather balloon, all are experiments in which the results should be obvious just by looking at them.

  • If you’re using scientists, can I bring my own scientists friendly to Flat Earth thought?

Of course. Each side may bring whomever they need. However, the Codex will not be bringing scientists to measure the results of the experiment, as all experiments should have results that are obvious to the layman and require no interpretation. We use scientists to confirm the validity of a proposed experiment before we accept it, to ensure that an experiment will measure what it claims to, since the results of the experiment are binding.

  • Who will pay for the cost of the experiment?

The Codex will pay all costs associated with the experiment. However, to avoid people setting up fake experiments simply to get a vacation on our dime, we require the opposing side to put an amount equal to all expenses in escrow. If the earth is flat, you will have that money returned to you with the $10,000 prize. In the unlikely event that the earth is not flat, the Codex will be reimbursed from this escrow

  • Will you recant if the earth is proved flat?

Yes. Each side agrees to give a full-throated recantation of their previous beliefs if the results go against them. If you do not believe you would publicly recant if the experiment shows a round earth, then do not approve the experiment until you find one you sufficiently support such that you would find the results completely conclusive. We will only approve experiments which we believe would be 100% conclusive and expect the same of the other side. Otherwise, what’s the point of the experiment?

  • How do I know the challenge is real?

You will be provided a written contract and all the details of the escrow, and will be able to verify that the funds are there and tied to the terms of the contract. If the escrow company does not satisfy you, you may provide your own escrow service, a nationally recognized one, and the funds will be transferred there.

  • What if the judge believes in a sphere earth. How can he be fair?

The judge is required to certify, not if the earth is flat or round, but if the experiment proves or suggests that the earth is flat or round. The judge is not permitted to rule based on their beliefs, only on what the experiment shows. This is why the experiment must be well defined, produce results which are clear to any layman, without need for interpretation. The judge is not permitted to rule on whether or not the earth is flat, but rather only on the results of the experiment as agreed to in writing before hand.

  • How do you know I’m not just a poser or troll, looking for attention or for a free trip on your dime?

We don’t. But since the looser pays all the expenses for the experiment (for both sides), it’s likely that only people who truly believe in flat earth will take the challenge. Those that don’t believe have no reason to take it, and every reason to avoid it.



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I won by literal default of Nick Soutter last week. When do I get the $10,000 reward plus my expenses and the satisfaction of intentional idiot fraud liar YouTube channels taken down?

N Lamar Soutter

Doing this kind of challenge, we always meet a wide variety of people. Some are genuine, nice, and reasonable. Others are phenomenally unreasonable, belligerent, and sometimes downright idiotic people. That is the nature of the beast. Rare have I encountered one as unreasonable as Iggy. He contacted the Codex, and the first words he ever uttered to us were “I’m interested in my reward for proving the Earth is Flat.” Notice the inherent assumption that he has essentially taken the challenge and won. No recognition of the process, no recognition of how the challenge works, just a declaration that he was interested in his reward. I attempted to engage everyone, and so I spoke with him. He asked if we would be willing to accept something on a much larger scale that could still be nonbiased and able to confirm by any layman.. I replied “If you look on our webpage, I think you’ll find that we’ll accept any proof which is simple to confirm by any layman and will yield accurate results.” This is clear and unambiguous, and directs him to our webpage. I also said he was more than welcome to come up with his own proof (as we make clear on the webpage, which obviously he did not read). He replied that he actually had “184 proofs, the World’s Longest Rivers”, those being every river on the planet Earth. He argued that they prove flat earth. Well, they do if you don’t accept the current understanding of gravity. And well flatter Arthur’s contest that, this actually violates our requirement of a laymen being able to interpret. One must listen to his explanation of how he thinks it works, and suspend their own judgement and reason. Further a laymen can not be prepared to engage honestly or evaluate his claim. This is precisely why we need an experiment with results that a layman can interpreted with no such knowledge. In the sniper rifle test, any layman can tell just by looking at which of the two targets was struck. There is no ambiguity. And since both sides have agreed to the terms and conditions prior, it is not subject to interpretation. His 184 proofs CLEARLY violate that requirement, which exist to avoid explicitly what he was trying to attempt. Indeed, if it were accepted the way he said it should be, then any layman reading of a globe… Read more »

Active Member

Oh, there you are Nick, thank you for finally replying to my terribly difficult final emails…I guess one paragraph is too hard hard for some to digest, though it’s the first time I’ve run into it. However, thanks for the release of your new book of very lopsided multiple fictions on your website this morning. I expected some excuses, twisting, lying and resistance. But really, only with the experiment’s results. Yes, I did read your laughable website Challenge Page, which has only gotten now outright hilarious. FYI, Coriolis has ZERO to do with shape and ONLY has to do with spin…FACT. Thus, why I can, did, do and will ever more confidently claim to not only know your “judges” very well, but also that I’ve gone through the same schooling much more successfully than they did. Again, yes I read the quite unclear and very poorly written Challenge Page to simply and precisely ask if the then listed experiments were required. Because, why list experiments if you’ll accept any experiment that is not them? Additionally, in reality, you have absolutely NOTHING on the Challenge Page about a Scientifically Written Thesis NOR Contract NOR Conditions NOR Parties to be enlisted with the execution of any and all experiments. Which, of course, is still the case literally today. Though, any half-wit would disclose The Contract and both link to it and require it to be downloaded and completed prior to any continued discussion. Our accepted as “doable” experiment was to be fully recorded on HD video. Therefore, with no other parties than ourselves ever needing to be involved directly AND, as I said, could be repeated numerous times until all parties were satisfied with OUR practices and methods for carrying out and documenting the experinent. Now, to address your abject ignorance. My final emails were simple. And yet, you didn’t object to anything. You didn’t send me The Contract to complete with all of my personal information. And, you didn’t receive a visit, a phone call nor a plethora of emails from me. Nor, did you respond to my requests to meet, which could’ve been at the Police Department or any such cowardly commonsense. I told you I was immediately available and that I would be able to keep costs to a minimum. You said that you appreciate keeping costs down. So, I offered to come up to you. It’s just a… Read more »