Most Theists Want the World To End.

One of my deepest concerns regarding theistic religions – specifically messianic religions – the Abraham it religions – is that they all want the world to end.

Sam Harris put it best when he said that dew-eyed nihilism is not conducive to creating a sustainable civilization.

George W. Bush famously said that “Grogg and Magog are at work in the Middle East”, and that God had commanded him to invade. As an evangelical Christian, he believed that we live in the end times, that soon all of our suffering will be over, and he and his ilk will go to heaven while the rest of us go to hell. Ronald Reagan believe very much the same thing.

Indeed… Most of the true believers of Christianity believe that they are living in the end times (as apparently we have been living in for the last 2000 years, with Armageddon right around the corner). This kind of belief, especially by our leaders, is inherently reckless and dangerous. It gets people killed, and can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy in the age of nuclear weapons.

But if you are a Christian, you must believe it. It is the core of the Christian faith. Jesus will return, and the world will end.

This continues to cause untold suffering in the Middle East, where Zionist Christians actually encourage the illegal building of settlements by Israel, actively encouraging a war which must necessarily happen before Jesus can return. This is not subject to debate – this is what you must believe if you are indeed a Christian.

The commandment to give no thought for the Morrow is almost as bad. The notion that we don’t need to concern ourselves with global warming, because the world is going to end soon anyway is patently immoral.

Christianity is, in a very important sense, a death cult. First, it glorifies a human sacrifice, and human suffering Mother Teresa famously encouraged suffering, and in fact had no small contribution to the suffering of others. It eagerly anticipates the end of the world. It trivializes the pain and suffering of others – God works in mysterious ways… And is hostile to science and progress – opposing nearly every scientific breakthrough at every turn, from the realization that we are a small speck in the universe, to vaccines and open heart surgery.

Christianity is a bronze age death cult which would greatly prefer that we remain in the bronze age until we all die.

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