Many Priests and Ministers Are Atheists

What percentage of Christian ministers, do you suppose, believes (more or less) what they preach? Please, indulge me by taking a minute to think about this honestly before reading on. Maybe they don’t believe it all, but certainly, let’s say, in the divinity of Jesus Christ?

It was always my assumption that that number must be in excess of 99%. Why would you become a minister if you didn’t believe, how or why would your beliefs change once you were in the clergy, and why wouldn’t you bail if they did? I debated my first minister when I was 7, and from then on until very, very recently, I’d never once doubted that every “theist” I debated was exactly what they purported to be—a theist.

“I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet lay their hands on everything they can get.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Now Christopher Hitchens had always claimed that he was frequently approached by clergy who confessed to him that they had lost their faith. Some of them retained a belief in a higher power (and geared their sermons in that direction), but not in Jesus Christ, while others lost all belief in the supernatural(1)Note that in both cases, this qualifies as Atheism, both from the atheist’s point of view, and the church’s. When he asked why they remained in the priesthood, they all hovered around the same reasons: they had no other employable skills, they had worked hard for their career, their families and/or spouses were still faithful, the community depended on them, and/or they had no community whatsoever outside of the church. In almost all cases, to quit the clergy would be devastating. Further, they would add, there was real good that could be done, comfort that could be offered, even if one didn’t believe. It seemed to most of them that remaining an atheist in the pulpit was the lesser of two evils.

I’ve found Hitchens to be a man of the highest intellectual integrity, never once embellishing the facts even for a harmless rhetorical flourish. But I also could not accept that this could have ever happened more than once or twice. I tucked away this little contradiction, as it didn’t pertain to any of his arguments with which I was concerned.

But other well-known atheists repeated similar claims, in their own words. The most earnest Daniel Dennett had the same reports, and said that it was accepted and understood by most clergy that a significant number were atheists, that they all understood a common policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

These accumulated stories stayed in the back of my minds, ministers who had said to my face “but isn’t it nicer to believe?” a rhetorical question which none the less on its face suggests the premise that it all may not be true.

It wasn’t until I was doing research for this very codex, specifically into the beatification of Mother Teresa for an essay on the obviously false nature of most miracles, that I came to a startling discovery.

Imagine you’re a Catholic Bishop. You’re tasked with helping canonize Mother Teresa, one of the most important figures modern church history. It’s a deep honor and a privilege, and you want to do a good job. Where do you start?

Well, you’ve got to find two miracles she performed, post-mortem. Almost immediately into your search you hear that there may have been a posthumous miracle in the village of Dhulinakod, India. A Bengali tribal, Monica Besra, claims she had cancer in her belly, and after she put a picture of mother Teresa on it, the cancer went away.

Based on that claim, do you certify the miracle?

Obviously the answer is no. You need to gather at least a little evidence. So you investigate, starting with her doctors. You talk with them, and they confirm that a year ago she was indeed diagnosed with a tumor resulting from tuberculosis. However, it was eminently treatable. They prescribed a course of treatment, and the prognosis was that she should be cancer free within about a year. She followed the treatment, the tumor shrank, and a year later it was gone. The doctors provided all of the medical document to prove this.

Now do you certify the miracle?

Still doubting if this recovery was medical or divine in nature, representatives of the church asked if this was true, and if she had followed the proscribed treatment. She said she did in deed.

Now do you certify the miracle, or go on and wait for another one?

They decided to investigate more, and interviewed her husband. He confirmed that she had taken the medicine and that her recovery was exactly as the doctors had predicted. He then added that this was “a hoax”, that the picture of Mother Teresa hadn’t been put on her belly until after the cancer was gone(2)After learning that the church would lift his family out of poverty, pay to educate his children, and fly his wife to Rome, he claimed it was indeed a miracle. He did not, however, recant his hoax claim, or explain the discrepancy, but it’s all still a matter of record..

The church certified the miracle, and Mother Teresa stands beatified, with half of the requirements for sainthood now complete.

My question is simple… Why would any believer accept this as a miracle?

If you’re a bishop at the Vatican, you know that God wants her canonized (the pope has declared it). You know that she will perform miracles, it’s God’s will, it’s the very definition of sainthood.  Why accept this claim? This isn’t low hanging fruit, this is fruit that’s fallen of the tree and been rotting on the ground for three weeks. The real miracles may already have been performed, you just need to find them. To accept this as a miracle, to credit this to the name of your most revered and cherished figures (soon to be a saint, no less). It is, quite literally, blasphemy. How could they do this?

They don’t believe.

That’s the answer. They aren’t looking for a miracle, they’re looking for the first thing that can remotely pass as one. They want to check off the box and move on. They don’t care the offence to the memory of Mother Teresa, they’ve no care of the offence to God, it didn’t even enter their minds. And I say “they” because this can’t be the work of one bishop, dozens of people, from the nuns who held the picture, to the pope himself, needed to sign off on this. It’s a rubber stamp, they already know she will be sainted, the how or why of it doesn’t matter to them at all.

The only way this kind of irreverent disregard can happen is if if there is a significant swath of disbelief inside the Vatican itself.

And Mother Teresa?

I call, I cling, I want… and there is no One to answer… no One on Whom I can cling… no, No One. Alone… Where is my Faith… even deep down right in there is nothing, but emptiness and darkness… My God… how painful is this unknown pain… I have no Faith… I dare not utter the words and thoughts that crowd in my heart… and make me suffer untold agony. So many unanswered questions live within me afraid to uncover them … because of the blasphemy.

Shortly after her death, it was revealed that she was one of them, a non-believer, going through the motions while having no belief in God(3)Even Fox News, while brief, covered it here. In letters to friends and confessors, she wrote that she felt like “a hypocrite”, and asked “Where is my faith? Even deep down there is nothing but emptiness and darkness. If there be a God — please forgive me.” This proves her faith, says the church (who by now appear to be able to twist the darkest sin into a virtue) when it learned that she wrote “I am told God lives in me — and yet the reality of darkness and coldness and emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul… I feel just that terrible pain of loss, of God not wanting me, of God not being God, of God not really existing.” And this isn’t one letter, these are a chain of letters and writings expressing her non-belief… her atheism, stretching nearly 50 years (if this is proof of her divinity, as the church claims, is there anything, anything whatsoever, that one can do or say, that isn’t divine? Indeed, by this standard, when I pass on, I should be canonized before my casket can be lowered into the ground).

It was her dying wish that these letters be destroyed, and I am quite thankful that they were not. But Mother Teresa was an atheist. This cannot be denied. How many more out are out there? How many more priests, bishops, cardinals, even popes, secretly are today or have there been in the past who were atheists? How many such letters have been destroyed on their behalf to protect them and the church.

What’s more, Mother Teresa confessed her non-belief (not doubt, mind you, but non-belief) to her superiors. They knew, she wrote to them, confessed to them. They knew she didn’t believe, and hoisted her up as the paragon of virtue (indeed, much to her suffering) anyway. What does this say about them?

The only possible conclusion is: they don’t care. Belief isn’t important to them. What’s important is that people do as they’re told, that they follow the rules, that money flows into the church. All other things are secondary(4)Indeed, the church abandoned Monica Besra to her life of abject poverty, fulfilling none of their promises to her (here). And the bulk of the donations made to Mother Teresa, ostensibly to help the poor, went to missionaries instead.

So how many ministers don’t believe? It’s impossible to know, but the number can’t be insignificant, it’s clear in the church’s beatification of Mother Teresa and it’s continued obstructionism in the sex abuse scandal, none of which can be said to be respectful of the teachings and beliefs of Jesus. There’s no way to know for sure, but the Clergy Project (a nonprofit support group for religious professionals who no longer have faith in the supernatural) registered over 500 members (priests, ministers, rabbis and nuns) in its first three years, and now, at its five-year mark, had roughly 700 members now. Daniel Dennett did a formal study of this. He contacted 9 ministers, 2 agreed to participate, and his study had only 5 participants, so the numbers are too small to be scientific (the study can be found here, and it’s heartbreaking), but between the study, anecdotal stories, and an examination of the workings of the Vatican itself (with its gold plated toilet handles), I can’t fathom that any fewer than a quarter of all practicing ministers are theists (and the number may well be twice that).

Now, what we really need is a study, and a good one. Were the church genuinely pious, I’d assume they’d be interested in such an. If there are atheists in the pulpits, wouldn’t they want to know? They’re lying, they’ve no spiritual connection to Jesus, how can that be allowed to continue? It’s cynical, even blasphemous, to know, or even suspect, that this is going on and not want to correct it.

But I suspect there isn’t a soul reading this, theist or atheist, who doesn’t doubt that the church would not, under any circumstances, endorse such a study, which would have to do the power to undermine the one thing, which I am increasingly convinced is the only thing, they care about, and that is their power over their congregation.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Note that in both cases, this qualifies as Atheism, both from the atheist’s point of view, and the church’s
2. After learning that the church would lift his family out of poverty, pay to educate his children, and fly his wife to Rome, he claimed it was indeed a miracle. He did not, however, recant his hoax claim, or explain the discrepancy, but it’s all still a matter of record.
3. Even Fox News, while brief, covered it here
4. Indeed, the church abandoned Monica Besra to her life of abject poverty, fulfilling none of their promises to her (here). And the bulk of the donations made to Mother Teresa, ostensibly to help the poor, went to missionaries instead.

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Excellent read. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, most theist will not buy it or care because it is not what they think despite the evidence.

The Humanist Codex

Thank you, much appreciated.?


You make a very good point

Robert Gaito

I have always believed this…especially when it comes to the millionarie TV preachers. There is no way they believe in what they preach, because if they did, they’d know that Jesus would slap the shit outta them once they got to the pearly gates.

Michael Kerrigan

Nice look into the human mind!

Bruce Underhill

I have a friend priest who once told me… “Some people believe because they need to believe; I help them as much as I can, its a job, and it is all I know how to do”.

N Lamar Soutter
Steven Neugent


John Schumaker

I’ve always said, America isn’t a nation of Christians, it is a nation of liars

Brian Coffey

Well, Pope Francis is a Jesuit – and therefore an atheist almost by definition.

Duane Fulton

Televangelists are certainally Atheists. They bring in tons of money, help no one with it. Some have gone to prison and most in the end lose their minds. There’s one of the greediest ever is working Texas today.

John Ramirez

So….. I was sitting in a church many years ago listening to a priest give a sermon about the miracle of Jesus feeding people who came to his sermon by multiplying the fish and loafs of bread. This priest said essentially yes Jesus god could make more bread and fish with his powers. But he went on to say, in those days there were no macdonalds and people did not travel with some food tucked away in thier robes. This priest said it would also be a miracle to think that Jesus got people to share the food they were hiding by passing the baskets around and people put some of what they had in there and ate what they had been hiding. A very logical and practical solution without the need for magical powers. I think that priest knew that not everything in the bible was true. His sermon helped me free myself for the delusion of religion.

Rich Petrillo

The Gov’t has files on the true origin’s of where ALL religion’s came from. None were from any “god”. At this point now, we are out of time for “primitive” Caveman belief’s, time for all religion’s to get out of the way of true progress. If they weren’t so scared of Stem-Cell’s dis-proving that any “god” is needed for Man to exist, we would have cured most diseases already.

Marty Sorensen

I’m not really surprised. People who spend a lot of time studying the scriptures must pretty often come to the conclusion that there’s nothing holy about them, nothing that comes from a ‘god’.

Robert Urban

Makes sense since there is no god anyway.

Peter Duenez

But it is not wonderful that only Catholics are the ones who perform the miracles and get canonized. I mean the Church surely doesn’t do these things to just sell rosaries or have a statue made for a congregation. There are thousands of saints; each day has a saint name. So, guess the Church knows best, eh?

Alex Bohl

Look at the “miracles” of Mother Theresa. She parlayed millions of donations in to a half-rate medical clinic.


miracles my ass

Jeff Archer

There is a group that’s been around for some time now called The Clergy Project. It consists of active clergymen, as well as those who left the clergy, who don’t believe in God. Currently, there are about 400 active in the US but are still in the closet. My group once had a former Lutheran pastor, now an atheist, speak to us. He said he told his superior that he no longer believed. The head guy said, “You have six months left on your contract. Just show up and talk about anything you want. Don’t even mention God or Jesus.”

George Copen

Didn’t need to invent hell…it’s in the Bible.

George Copen

Joey…Christ had two things to do…Fulfill the Law and shed his blood…He did both perfectly. Churchill didn’t care about the Jews..BUT God did and provided a land for them.

Joey Benedetti

George Copen Jesus has one job, to be king of Israel, and failed miserably, like Robb Stark bad. Churchill kinda founded the new Israel, closest thing you have to a messiah.

George Copen

Jonathan Leonard An ignorant response…see my post above and answer …

Jonathan Leonard

Alex Bohl Perhaps one day our world as we know it now will be buried. Thousands of years from now, someone will uncover a Spiderman comic and a religion will be born. And when New York is discovered as having actually existed, the Followers of Spiderman will say ‘ah ha. New York existed!. It’s historically accurate. It only strengthens my belief in Spiderman’

George Copen

Alex…you might start with Ezekiel chapter 37…The formation of the nation of Israel in 1948 by the UN. Foretold thousand’s of years before it happened.

Alex Bohl

The entire Bible, aside from some kernels of historical events, was fabricated.

George Copen
Member just might find out…

Rafael Santa Coloma

Lol , where?

Christopher Flores


Danon Hall

There was a former priest that admitted that hell was invented by the church to scare people into going. So yes I can believe this article.

Larry Brown

Believe that is true.