First of all, let me thank you all for Your patience.

Our web host offered a free SSL certificate. We decided to take it, but it had a disastrous effect on our site. Not only did it slow us down to a crawl, but they failed to implement it properly. Over the period of a few days, half of our code migrated over to https, while the other half remand on http. This means even to administrate the site, half the time you needed to be on the secure side, and the other half not.

Long story short… We have now migrated to a new host. Everything is running much faster, and appears to be far more stable. It’s slowed down our beta phase, and I know a lot of people have been trying to sign up. I apologize, but we really are quite enthusiastic about this new host. I think it will be a significantly positive change.

Hopefully we will be back up and running in no more than a couple of days.


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