Daryl Davis, an accomplished keyboardist who has worked with Chuck Berry and Little Richard, has quite the side interest.
For the past few decades the black musician, actor and author has made it his mission to befriend people in hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan by calmly confronting them with the question:
“How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?”
His quest is the subject of the new documentary “Accidental Courtesy,” directed by Matt Ornstein and released on Dec. 9.
Though Davis’ approach may seem dangerous, he has explained his logic.
“The most important thing I learned is that when you are actively learning about someone else you are passively teaching them about yourself,” Davis explained in explained to the podcast Love+Radio via The Atlantic.
He added:
“Give them a platform. You challenge them. But you don’t challenge them rudely or violently. You do it politely and intelligently. And when you do things that way chances are they will reciprocate and give you a platform.”

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