Code of Conduct

The atheist Codex is a place of education and knowledge. We welcome theists and atheists alike, to service their needs so long as they are respectful and nonviolent.

Some members of the codex enjoy engaging in rigorous debate, and we encourage this. Discussion, debate, and critical thought are cornerstones of civilization. We hope to contribute to that ideal.

We acknowledge that this can be an extremely sensitive subject, and that some debates will get heated. However, we do not tolerate the following things:

1) Bullying behavior of any kind.
2) Threats or Intimidation
3) Insults (including but not limited to calling people “idiots”).
3) Flaming, Trolling, or Spamming.

If you are interested in engaging in any of these behaviors, we have excellent news for you – there is a world full of forums for you to engage. The bad news is that this is not one of them.

We believe that the ultimate conclusion of theistic education and rational thought is atheism. But that conclusion cannot be forced on anyone, nor is it reached overnight. It cannot be coerced, and does not, from one-sided discussions, shouting, or disrespect.

Because we believe that rational thought will bring people to these conclusions, we do not need any tools but that. Rational thought, respect, and patience are the primary tools here.

The atheist Codex has a self regulating community, and any member can flag comments as inappropriate. Violations of the code of conduct can result in anything from a gentle reminder to an indefinite ban and in extreme cases formal complaints to your ISP.

We hope to hear from loud, boisterous, enthusiastic voices from both sides.